The Taunton Academy is an inclusive academy school. Our Local Advisory Board (LAB) forms the Admissions Authority responsible for all admission decisions taken in connection with the academy. ‘Day to day’ admission decisions are delegated to an Admissions Committee comprising of a minimum of school governors and a member of the Senior Leadership team with responsibility for admissions. We are forward thinking and constantly strive to improve our educational offering, in order to enrich the students’ experience and best serve and support our local and wider community. We welcome enquiries from parents/carers who would like to visit the academy. A tour can be arranged and a meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss your particular circumstances. For more information, please have a look around the website and/or contact the office on the number below.

The Admissions Committee undertakes a review of the published admission arrangements annually. Whenever alterations are proposed, a public consultation will be conducted according to the requirements of the School Admissions Code issued by the Department for Education and in place at that time. Please see our Admissions Arrangements Policy (see below) for full information. Admission Arrangements are published annually on the academy website. Please contact the school office if you would like to discuss these admission arrangements or your particular circumstances in more detail.

Applications for a secondary school place to be made on-line www.somerset.gov.uk/admissions Paper applications are available on request by telephoning Somerset Direct 0300 123 2224, any supporting information must be received by the closing date for applications. Applications must be received by 31st October 2021 Outcomes of applications will be sent out by email for on-line applications and by 2nd class post for paper applications on 1st March 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you to Taunton Academy

Please see below our admissions limit for 2021/2022

Year Group ______ Year Group Limit
7 220
8 174
9 170
10 145
11 140