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Results Day - Information

GCSE Results Day – 25th August from 9:00am – 11:00am

Please collect your results from the library.

If someone is collecting on your behalf, please ask them to bring their photo ID and a letter from yourself giving permission.2

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Exams and Assessment

Expected Outcomes in 2016

New government measures have been introduced which are designed to give a clearer understanding of the value a school adds to your child’s education, from the time they leave primary school to their summer GCSE examinations. The 5 A*-C including English and Maths measure is no longer used and several other key indicators of a school’s performance have been changed. The academy will now be assessed by the criteria below:

Progress 8This is the average of a student’s best 8 GCSE grades. The results are then compared to the grades expected for the student based on their primary school attainment (Key Stage 2 levels). If a school achieves above 0.0 then it is adding value above and beyond government expectations.

Attainment 8This is the average grade that a student achieves at school. It is important to remember that this figure must be read in conjunction with the progress 8 figure. This is because if a school were to have an Attainment 8 grade of an E but a Progress 8 score of +1.0 then the government would have expected every child in that school to achieve, on average, a grade of an F.