The Taunton Academy’s policies are all stored in this section and can also be accessed through other website pages as appropriate. 

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If a parent requests a copy of information on our website in another format i.e. brail, audio or printed, we will provide this free of charge.

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PdfExportAdmissions Appeals Timetable 2018 PdfExportAnti-bullying Policy
PdfExportCode of Conduct for Directors and Governors Policy  PdfExportStudent Behaviour for Learning and Exclusion Policy
PdfExportUniform Policy PdfExportHealth & Safety Policy
PdfExportAdmission Policy 2018-19 Admission Policy 2019-2020PdfExport
PdfExportPupil Premium Statement 
PdfExportSafeguarding Policy
PdfExportSpiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Approach at the Taunton Academy PdfExportSupplementary Information Form 2018/19
PdfExportWhistleblowing Policy PREVENT Risk AssessmentPdfExport
PdfExportComplaints Policy Provider Access PolicyPdfExport
PdfExportCharging and Remissions Policy Safe Handling PolicyPdfExport
PdfExportRHT Publication Scheme PdfExportConflicts of Interest Policy
PdfExportEquality Statement  PdfExportEquality and Diversity Policy
 PdfExportBritish Values statement  PdfExportSafer Recruitment Policy
PdfExportAcceptable Use Policy PdfExportHome School Agreement
PdfExportAttendance Policy