Most Able


More Able Provision at The Taunton Academy

Our academy aims to:

  • Provide support required for more able students to fully flourish and have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Raise the profile of our more able students, sustaining positive attitudes towards them, establishing a clearer understanding of their needs and ensuring they receive the right combination of challenge and support.
  • Understand the needs and recognise the potential of students from disadvantaged home backgrounds or students for whom there may be significant language barriers. Create a joyful, exciting learning environment.

Who are our more able students?

  • Those in the top 10% of each year group in the student population’s mean CAT scores and/or achieving Level 5 in Key Stage 2 tests.
  • Those who may not have performed well in a test situation, but whose teachers recognise their potential in one or more subject areas.
  • Those who have talents in Art, Music and PE.

Our provision in the classroom includes:

  • Schemes of Learning which contain, stretch and challenge activities and opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Opportunities for students to work with like-minded peers.
  • Access to advanced resources and materials which support the level of challenge.
  • Access to higher tier assessment papers, where they exist.
  • An awareness of the effects of ethnicity, bilingualism, gender and social circumstances on learning and high achievement.

Our provision out of the classroom includes:

The study of subjects is complemented by a range of further opportunities that offer extension and enrichment to students in their area(s) of ability and/or interest.  

  • A level style seminars which explore subjects such as poetry, economics, philosophy and religion.
  • Specialist art days.
  • Sports Academy – specialist coaching and other opportunities for our able sports students.
  • Challenge Plus – a programme of activities for students from a number of academies in the south west.
  • UK Maths Challenge and attendance at Exeter University School of Maths.
  • “The Brilliant Club”*, working with a PhD student to produce an academic paper on a specific area (e.g. – ‘Can terrorism ever be justified?’)
  • Musical evenings and drama productions to showcase performing arts talent.
  • Internal and external competitions.
  • Visits to universities.

*The offer of this activity is decided on an annual basis.