Humanities and Languages

Owen Shrimpton, Head of Faculty – Hums and Langs

I am pleased to have been appointed to the Head of Humanities and Languages Faculty at The Taunton Academy in September 2016. Joining the school full-time as Head of Languages in January 2015, I am leading changes in our use of technology, on-line provision and e-learning. I am delighted to see the increased confidence which our students have in speaking in French in their classes at all levels of the curriculum.

Prior to my appointment I taught a range of disciplines in several schools in New Zealand. Working variously as the Head of French, the Head of Outdoor Education and leading the International Department of a large all-boys school I have a wide experience of diverse learners and developed an eclectic range of specialisms. I have been privileged to lead students on educational trips and enrichment activities in places as far-flung as Tahiti, New Caledonia and the New Zealand Southern Alps.

Before starting my teaching career in the south-east of England I was a Kent Police Officer and prior to this journalist within a regional news firm. I lead the curriculum areas of History, Geography, Personal Social & Religious Education and Languages and a team of 10 staff dedicated to help our students make excellent progress, enjoy their learning and develop into fine young men and women.