Advanced Learning

Pupils with academic strengths are supported through our Advanced Learning programme. This takes many forms including group mentoring sessions and opportunities for students with particular abilities, for example, in the creative arts, sciences and sport.

Students on the High Prior Attainment register can expect extended learning activities in their lessons and opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

These were just a few of our 2019/20 events:

Debate in the House of Lords (English Faculty)
Ten year 11 students were invited to take part in a debate in the House of Lords to consider the topic of ‘How can we a reach a sustained future?’. After an early train to London to the Houses of Parliament, students had the opportunity to network with fellow students, members of the English Speaking Union and a few Lords and Baronesses. The debate in the House of Lords was aired on BBC Parliament.

UKMT Maths Challenge (Maths Faculty)
Mathematicians from Year 8 and Year 9 competed in the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) Intermediate Maths Challenge, a competition with thousands of entrants every year. Our pupils won a total of 7 Medals, including 2 Gold Medals, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze. Alex in Year 9 scored the highest marks nationally and qualified for the Cayley Olympiad.

Advanced Readers (LRC)
The Learning Resource Centre offers Advanced Readers bespoke collections of books, magazines and periodicals. Recommended classic and contemporary titles are available and students can request titles for order. Mrs Councill appoints a team of student librarians who help with cataloging books and supporting peers access literature.

Football Academy (PACA Faculty)
The Football Academy develops talented footballers here at the Academy. We seek to their skills and understanding of the game. Students are invited to trial for the Academy and 15 from each year group are then selected. We organise a specific personalised kit, professional coaches and opportunities to train and visit professional football establishments. Football Academy membership is reviewed on a yearly basis with membership regarded as prestigious. Since launching the Football Academy we have seen our football results and success on the pitch increase with District Cup, County Cup and National Cup trophies and victories gained.


Raising Aspirations

With the Somerset Community Foundation, we have recently launched a Raising Aspirations mentoring programme. Forty students in Years 7 and 8 will meet with mentors from the community once a month until Year 11. The programme will be evaluated by researchers at the University of the West of England. A similar programme in another Somerset school has seen very significant rises in the aspirations of their students.
Mentoring at the academy is not limited to Years 7 and 8. Many of our Year 11 students are given a mentor as they prepare for their GCSE. Other students are also given mentoring support as and when they need it.


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