Marking and Feedback

‘Where there is feedback, there needs to be action’.

The marking and feedback process at the Taunton Academy engages the students in the marking process and involves them responding to feedback to make their work ‘the best they possibly can’.

Self and peer assessment are used regularly to increase student independence and awareness of marking criteria. Once students have had work back from teachers and/or their peers, they engage in Directed Improvement Reflection Time (DIRT time). This may involve them answering questions, completing tasks, correcting literacy mistakes, adding in examples etc. Peer and self-assessment and DIRT time are always completed in red pen and teacher feedback in green.

Some pieces of work or assessment are chosen to be Triple-Impact Marked and your son/daughter will receive a higher level of both peer and teacher feedback and will engage in extended DIRT time on these pieces of work. You will see TIM stickers appearing in exercise books to indicate this.

Please click this link if you want to view our Marking and Feeback Policy.

An overview of one model of the TIM process is outlined below: