Most Able

High Performance Academy

In Year 9, gifted and talented students are nominated to take part in the High Performance Academy. Students can be selected from any or all of the Faculty areas. They are invited to a prestigious launch event with their parents and then they are taken on a trip to a University. Throughout the year, events and activities, designed to challenge and inspire, are laid on for students and a graduation event is held at the end. The link below outlines the provision for these students across the academy.

Please CLICK HERE to download the High Performance Academy’s prospectus.



More Able Provision at The Taunton Academy

With the Somerset Community Foundation, we have recently launched a Raising Aspirations mentoring programme. Forty students in Years 7 and 8 will meet with mentors from the community once a month until Year 11. The programme will be evaluated by researchers at the University of the West of England. A similar programme in another Somerset school has seen very significant rises in the aspirations of their students.
Mentoring at the academy is not limited to Years 7 and 8. Many of our Year 11 students are given a mentor as they prepare for their GCSE. Other students are also given mentoring support as and when they need it.