English and Media

“I am very happy to be a part of the English team here at The Taunton Academy. I have previously held posts as an English teacher at two schools: one in outer London and one in Weston-super-Mare. Before joining the academy I also worked with Y10 students raising whole school attainment (particularly in maths and English) and more recently led Key Stage 4 curriculum. I have been teaching for ten years and thoroughly enjoy every moment in the classroom.

Although we teach two very different GCSEs (Language and Literature), there are many cross-over skills and I enjoy teaching students how to analyse the various meanings and uses of language in literary texts. I also strongly believe that students need to form a clear critical voice of their own where they are able to argue ideas and concepts with articulacy.

I hope that students find English as inspirational and thought-provoking as I do! Literature can unlock new experiences and show students the world beyond the school gates and a strong grasp on Literacy can give them the confidence to enter that world.”

Lorna Jones and Students

Lorna Jones, Head of Faculty – English

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