Ethos and Overview

In year 9 we teach all of the students that opt for Computer Science or IT a curriculum that will prepare them should they decide to extend their learning onto a GCSE Course. There are two distinct strands that a student can choose.


Year 9 IT

This is a very creative course. Students will study skills that they will be able to use long after their education has finished. Students will use software packages that are used by IT professionals in industry such as the Adobe Suite where they will be taught image manipulation and web design to demonstrate some of the elements they will be exposed to.

Year 9 Computing

Whilst this is not as creative as the IT course it is still very much hands-on. Students will get to grips with the inside of a computer and learn how each of the components work together. They will then start to learn how to program it to carry out specific tasks using the Python programming language. Maths will also play quite a part to this with students learning binary, the language of a computer.


Both of the KS3 courses will feed directly into a respective GCSE course that will utilise skills that the students learnt during Year 9.

The natural path from Year 9 IT, students will study Creative iMedia. A creative with 75% of this course assessed by practical assignments, whereas students who studied computing will go onto GCSE Computer Science a course that is assessed completely by written exams but where the programming sections that they learnt previously will count towards 50% of their total marks.

Year 10

This will give students the opportunity to complete the assessment of their ECDL qualification. Currently we offer GCSE ICT to Year 10; this qualification will roll into Year 11 for one year.

We are extremely proud of our ICT resources within the school. They are without doubt some of the best in the county. Students enjoy lessons with a focus on learning through fun and engagement, but also where they are challenged to reach their full potential.