I join Taunton Academy as the Head of Science, 19 summers after leaving Ladymead School in 1998. I return to the Academy with a huge sense of pride and personal motivation to support and challenge all students in the way I was by my teachers at school. It matters to me that students believe that anything is possible, and with a range of good GCSE qualifications behind them they can study A levels, embark on an Apprenticeship or take up a position in the workplace with ease.

I began teaching in 2005 at a School in Weston super-mare and became the Head of Science two years later. For six years, I worked relentlessly and optimistically with my science team to raise outcomes as well as student aspirations.  For the last four years, I have worked as an Assistant Principal ensuring all students across all faculties have a positive learning environment and are exposed to high quality teaching and learning daily. This will always be my main priority as the Head of Science at the Taunton Academy. I will always challenge underperformance of students across all ability ranges and create opportunities for students to learn in lots of different ways.  

I am a highly committed teacher that wants to make a difference to all students studying at the Taunton Academy.  I am extremely passionate about my subject and will work tirelessly so that all our students are motivated to be successful in their learning of Biology, Chemistry and Physics both within and beyond Taunton Academy.  

Louise Daniels, Head of Faculty – Science

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