Children wearing the school uniform, black trouser and blazers with a white shirt and purple tie

At The Taunton Academy we believe that a smart and distinctive uniform provides a number of advantages for students. Firstly, uniform minimises social distinction and avoids the emergence of a ‘fashion competition’ culture amongst students, secondly it provides a sense of pride and identity across the academy and thirdly it presents and preserves the good reputation of the academy within the community and beyond. For these reasons, the academy strictly enforces all elements of the uniform code. Students are expected to wear the official school uniform for the full five years of secondary compulsory school attendance. The support of all parents is required in maintaining this policy.

It is crucial that parents support the academy in enforcing the uniform.

Taunton Academy uniform consists of:

Black Jacket
(Cut differently for boys and girls) with embroidered Academy logo – available from the Uniform Shop.

Black trousers
(In matching material to the jacket, standard length and style) – girls have the option of wearing a matching black skirt (standard length and style) – both from the Uniform Shop. Trousers and skirts should be pressed and well maintained. Belts should be black and of standard width and size with standard buckles.

White shirt with collar

Academy grey jumper with purple trim
Available from the Uniform Shop.

Purple clip-on tie with silver stripes
Available from the Uniform Shop.

Dark coloured socks without contrasting trim
(Or dark coloured tights for girls).

Black, sensible and safe shoes
Trainers (e.g. with logo or stripes) or boots are unacceptable. Sensible and safe shoes means easy to move around and without risk of breaking an ankle.

In addition to the above, appearance must always be neat and tidy and appropriate for school.

Extreme hairstyles such as shaven heads, tramlines, shaven patterns or hair colours outside those regarded as natural are not acceptable.

Make up should not be worn by Year 7, 8 and 9 students, and for Year 10/11 students make up should be discreet (the definition of discreet is based on academy staff’s professional judgement in each case).

Jewellery should be discouraged as the school cannot accept responsibility for damage, theft or loss.

However, the following items are acceptable:
• Watch
• One fine gold or silver coloured chain around the neck
• One pair of plain stud or small sleeper earrings, one unobtrusive ring.

These items are unacceptable:
• Facial and body piercings, visible undershirts.

Parents are reminded that these rules are subject to change in certain subjects i.e. rings are dangerous if worn in workshops, an apron is necessary for Food Technology, Pottery and Workshop activities and jewellery must not be worn during PE or Games. If you are in doubt, please speak to the academy rather than make a mistake. If you have any difficulties, are unable to access the website or require any advice, please contact your child’s tutor.

The Head Teacher’s decision is final in all matters of uniform.

Breaches of the Uniform Code

Students are expected to wear the correct uniform appropriately (e.g. trousers around the waist, shirts fully buttoned and tucked in) at all times. Parents/carers are expected to support the academy in enforcing the uniform code.

If a student arrives in incorrect footwear they will be provided with black plimsolls to wear and their own footwear can be collected at the end of the day.

Any student in Year 7, 8 or 9 wearing makeup, or any student in Year 10 or 11 whose make up is deemed excessive, will be sent to the Year Leader and asked to remove it. Hypo allergenic make up remover will be provided if necessary. Students who arrive at the academy with extreme hairstyles or dyed hair will be placed in inclusion and parents contacted. They will be unable to return to mainstream education until the problem is rectified.

Incorrect items will be confiscated and can be collected by the student at the end of the day.

Any student who refuses these requests becomes subject to procedures and sanctions set out in the Behaviour for Learning Policy and parents will be contacted. If there is a medical reason for exemption from the uniform code a doctor’s note will need to be provided. Other non medical reasons, for example loss or damage, are not acceptable and the above process will be followed.

PE Kit

It is important that all pupils bring the correct kit to their Physical Education lessons as this contributes to a strong sense of identity and allows us to maximise our teaching time as time is not wasted supplying spare kit. Kit is regularly checked by staff to ensure that our high standards are maintained. All kit must be clearly marked with your son/daughter’s christian name and surname.

• Black academy rugby shirt
• Black academy shorts – compulsory
• Black football/hockey socks
• Football Boots/ astro trainers/ trainers

• Black academy tracksuit bottoms
• Black academy sports jacket

• Purple academy polo shirt
• Black academy shorts
• Black football/ hockey socks
• Non-marking trainers

We very much recommend that students also have available shin guards and mouth guards for activities such as football, hockey and rugby.

If a student is unable to take part in PE we do expect them to have a note. We will still expect that student to take part in the lesson as coach/referee or observer and therefore they will be expected to change. If a student misses two lessons in a row then a doctor’s note will be required.

Procedure for Acquiring Uniform

Uniform is available from Taunton Uniforms and orders can be placed online, by telephone or by visiting the shop in person: Taunton Uniforms 114B East Reach Taunton TA1 3HT.