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Theatre Review
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Treasure Island Review

By Evie, Year 8 Performing Arts

The ‘Treasure Island’ theatre production premiered on the 16th April 2020, at the National theatre in London. The performance was adapted by Bryony Lavery from the classic and well known novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The first thing that I noticed was the fabulous set by Lizzie Clachan. It was a large stage with a revolve so that scenes can be set and turned when needed. This made transitions between scenes run smoothly.

The costumes were also tremendously made, I was astonished by how detailed they were and they fit the characters perfectly. Jim Hawkins’ costume was a perfect representation of the characters life. He has ragged, dirty clothes, this showed his poverty.

Lighting can enhance the characters’ emotions or it can show the audience who to focus on in a scene. In Treasure Island, I noticed that they tended to use the second option more than the first. However, in some scenes Jim was seen with dimmer lighting to show his mood. The lighting was even darker in the dramatic scenes near the end of the performance.

Sound was a key element – every sound effect, every song they sing, every word they say needs to be heard from all around the theatre. When I watched Treasure Island, I was able to hear perfectly. The actors projected their voices so that you could hear them all the time.

All of the the actors movements and facial expressions really showed their feelings and actions. Patsy Ferran (Jim Hawkins) and Arthur Darvill (Long John Silver) really showed what they were thinking inside by using their expressions on stage.

This excellent production was directed by Polly Findlay. I will be watching more online plays in the future and you should too!