Year 9 Options 2021

Choosing your GCSE options is always an important decision. We know that parents and students need clear guidance about the process and the courses on offer. This year, due to restrictions, we will need to provide this guidance in a different way, but we are determined to ensure that parents and students are still well-informed and supported as these exciting decisions are made.

On this page you will find the letter sent by Ms Webber to all parents, explaining the 2021 Options process. This letter tells you all you need to know about the process, the date of the remote Year 9 Progress Evening, the deadline for the Options Form to be returned to school, and where you can access further information and support.

There is also a video presentation from Ms Webber, which we provide instead of the traditional ‘Option Evening’ presentation which we’d usually hold onsite.

You will then find the options form itself, which is how you let us know your choices, the Options Booklet which tells you more about each course, and some video presentations about courses which students might want more information about because they are not offered in KS3. We hope that you find everything you need, but if you have any further questions please contact Ms Webber on lwebber@thetauntonacademy.com.


Letter about the Options Process

Parent Letter – Year 9 Options 2021


Video presentation about the Options Process



Options Booklet

Options Booklet 2021 – 2023


Subject Videos

Health and Social Care: https://youtu.be/1njHYXwarVo

Media Studies Media Studies GCSE Option

Travel and Tourism: https://youtu.be/cdi8TYsFKTo

Computer Science: https://youtu.be/5MUJiU8Mcw4

Creative iMedia: https://youtu.be/dDqUC8sTVDc

Art Photography:  Art and Photography Options

Options Form

Options Form 2021 (in Word)

Options Form 2021 (in PDF)